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  • you provided exactly 0 evidence of what you’re trying to prove

    Your dissenting opinion does not disprove my evidence.

    exactly 0 quotes of me that prove any of your points

    This is manipulation based on deception. I used multiple quotes of your comments as evidence against you. You have just decided that they do not “prove any of (my) points”. Your opinion is irrelevant.

    and exactly 0 valid arguments.

    Another manipulation based on your personal opinion that the evidencr I provided was not sufficient to change your mind. My goal, however, has never been to change your mind. My goal has been to allow you to illustrate the deception, manipulation and bad faith discussion one should always expect from a conservative.

    It is not possible for a conservative to enter a debate in good faith, as every word uttered by a conservative is deception or manipulation.

  • You’re confusing your opinion with evidence.

    This statement is deception. I used your words as evidence. Your words are clearly not my opinion.

    I am requesting evidence of your arguments.

    This statement is manipulation based on deception. You asked me to prove that you do not have empathy for those not in your in-group. It is foundational to the basic human understanding of reality to know that it is impossible to provide evidence of the absence of something beyond the absence of the evidence of its existence. This is an informal logical fallacy called “Argument from Ignorance”. I provided a statement based on the Absence of Evidence and you replied by demanding the Evidence of Absence. This is a bad faith argument on your part.

  • Well, considering you cannot provide any evidence/proofs to anything you’re saying

    Disregarding examples is not an effective way to counter them.

    I guess there is nothing more to talk with you about

    There never was. Every word you’ve uttered has been deception or manipulation, making our exchange an illustration of the very point you originally tried to debate against.

    That’s a shame

    Another untrue statement.

  • You didn’t provide any proof for that

    The statement immediately above was evidence. In classic conservative fashion, you now demand evidence of that evidence. This goal-post movement will continue ad nauseum, illustrating the futility of debating conservatives.

    Is it only conservatives who have a compassion for human life?

    No. The opposite is true, obviously.

    You are the one suggesting that somehow I lack empathy, so burden of proof is on you

    You are requesting evidence of a negative, knowing full-well that it is not possible to prove a lack of existence of evidence. You have now provided yet another example of a conservative engaging in debate in bad faith.

  • It is a common conservative tactic of deception to claim evidence is not evidence. This has been a standard go-to tactic for conservatives throughout history.

    That approach does not work on Lemmy the way it works on other platforms you may be more familiar with (e.g. Truth Social, Stormfront, Rumble). Not acknowledging evidence as its presented to you is not going to result in a normal person being fooled here. Using a condescending tone is also not going to work.

    The more you writhe, slither and whine, the more I enjoy playing with my food. Ok, your turn.

  • What part of “every word uttered by a conservative is deception or manipulation” are you having difficulty deciphering? Every comment you’ve made here is an example.

    Let’s use your above comment as an example.

    Every time somebody says this, I ask for just one example.

    This is not a true statement on its face.

    And never receive it

    Most replies to your “innocent inquiries” provide evidence of your deception as you reply with moved goal-posts.

    because I neither manipulate not deceive anyone (sic)

    This claim is an absurd falsehood that is evident to every rational human who reads your comment history.

    As you can see, “debating” with a conservative is a waste of time as the conservative is not able to enter any discussion with honesty or in good faith.