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  • It’s cool that he got rid of that piece of shit trump appointee, but he hasn’t done anything else for unions since.

    Of course the teamsters not supporting him is because of corruption, it’s not like he’s blatantly anti-union in speech and in action or anything. Why doesn’t everyone else also hate him? That’s the real question.

    They got a small portion of the sick leave they asked for. Quietly. Months after Biden very publicly shut down the strike. This is not a Biden w, no matter how hard you try to sell it as one.

    Is there anything else I should know about? I didn’t know about the first bit, that’s pretty neat ig, but it doesn’t change the fact that Biden being “pro-union” is a blatant lie. It’s like saying the IDF is the most moral military, literally anyone not completely indoctrinated by liberal propaganda is gonna see right through that and call bs on it. Being only slightly shitty to one union does not make him pro union, unless you’re telling me every other president has union members regularly executed and Biden is just relatively pro-union compared to that

    If he’s done more than one good thing for unions, I’d love to hear it. Make sure you put as much snark in there as possible, and call me a trump supporter and a troll for not 100% sharing your opinions :3

  • Neat, I didn’t know you’d actually added sources and some some work here. Nothing makes me less interested in reading a comment than “I asked chat gpt and…”, I wish you’d led with you finding the sources and not with you using a chatbot lol. I’ll check the sources, thank you for doing that work. Seriously, I’ll appreciate having some reason to not hate voting for biden since he’s likely too much of an overconfident dinosaur to make way for a serious candidate