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    At least with orientated it kind makes sense because orientation is the process of orienting, so to have done the process would be to be orientated in a weird way but irregardless will always irk me because the ir and the less make a double negative, making the meaning as written ‘with regard’ which just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Like if somebody misunderstood a sentence with a double negative we would call them wrong but because it’s a single word they get to change the entire language, regardless of its structure and rules? Seems kinda bogus to me.

  • That’s absolutely what the governments want you to believe and is definitely happening as a direct result of European and US migration/refugee restrictions. Freedom of movement should be a basic human right.

    They have literally used trafficking charges against humanitarian aid workers and academics that were attempting to help refugees at and around the southern border of the US.

    The reason human trafficking is possible for the most part is that there’s no legal route for the vast majority of refugees to get to the countries of migration, causing a huge illegal network and the opportunity for increased levels of human trafficking especially against the most vulnerable.

    If legal pathways were more accessible this wouldn’t be a problem. I try to find the root cause rather than the bandaid solution. As we’ve seen from the war on drugs, the bandaid solutions don’t work.

    Besides, if you had ever read migrant journals or any other type of primary document concerning this type of situation, you’d know that a bunch of people getting ushered into the back of a truck isn’t exactly uncommon. Further, no undocumented migrant has their papers in order. That doesn’t really change much.

  • You mean the game devs that they take 30% from in a contract the devs agree to in order to list their game on the largest PC gaming store?

    Besides that, steam has an incredibly low financial requirement to start selling your games on their platform. $100 usd per game (at least in the US) and you get it back if your game sells enough copies (100 maybe? I forget tbh.) It’s a great platform for indie devs which is why we’ve seen indie PC gaming boom so much in the past decade or so especially.