An incomplete list of reasons I block accounts:

  • Ranting about journalism rather than discussing the actual news.
  • Whining about paywalls rather than just circumventing them yourself. It’s 2024 you should know how to use an archival site by now. Don’t expect everyone to everything for you.
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  • You didn’t bother to read either link , remain ignorant

    That’s rich considering that you clearly didn’t read your own first link. If you had you would’ve known it didn’t include fried chicken before it was pointed out by another user. But hey, let’s keep pretending you’re not just making a poor effort to dismiss and downplay blatant racism - and you definitely weren’t just including a random link and betting on people being too lazy to actually read it.

    Every year some dipshit racists at a company somewhere in the US decide to serve fried chicken and watermelon on Juneteenth because they think they’re super clever and subtle and the moment the backlash hits the news there are thousands of people like you waiting in the wings to gaslight comment sections across social media.

  • That sucks. I worked with a few when I was younger and knew a couple others in high school too, and my experience was the opposite. They weren’t exactly Rhodes scholars lol, but they were open-minded, kind, and dependable colleagues. Juggalos have a reputation for being trashy, and it’s something they proudly embrace, but I’ve found them to be generally harmless. Unfortuantely, I think just about every fan base these days has to deal with its share of racist Trump supporters who steal scrap metal from construction sites for meth money…