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  • followed by a change in Israeli leadership to mirror the recent US, UK, and French elections that have seen a broadly decimated right wing and a strengthening of the centre left view of an international rules-based order.

    new labor mp’s in the uk have decided to support the genocide and threatened the icc from ruling against isreal, as the tories promised, and macron is intriguing with the far right to run france, saying that nobody won the election. so yes, their voters wanted center left; but their leaders are ignoring it and forcing the status quo.

    the us election is still over 3 months away. kamala isn’t much different than biden in ways that matter and all indications suggests that she’s going to continue supporting the genocide as well despite publicly advocating against it the entire time it’s been a thing.

  • it sounds like the bootloader is installed; but not updated to point to the ramdisk and i’d be surprised if your ramdisk doesn’t need a new driver to load the nvme drive since it was created using your old ssd.

    also: i’m going to assume that you want 500gb instead of 256gb and i think dd is likely going to give you 256gb since it also copies free space and your drives are not identical; if none of the resizefs commands work, then you’ll be stuck at 256gb. in your shoes i would use that live distribution to create that partition (or better yet an lvm) like you already did; copy the data that you want with something like rsync; install grub and allow that bootloader installation to create a new ramdisk for you.

    this way you’re guaranteed to get all 500gb; the bootloader and ramdisk have the necessary bits to run your nvme and installation; plus, if you go with lvm, you’re future proofed since you can add drives to that lvm into perpetuity with each new drive increasing its size or retire old drives without having to remove/re-create the volume and all without having to do any of it again.