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  • Libraries have free books. That takes profit from Amazon.

    Libraries have free Internet. That takes profit from ISPs.

    Libraries have free research tools and expert guidance from librarians. That takes profit from all sorts of companies that profit off your ignorance.

    And worst of all, that stuff is all publicly funded, so when you look at a library you see government helping people. And there’s nothing conservatives hate more than government that helps people.

  • Nothing is more punk than food not bombs. It’s just feeding everyone who shows up whether the government likes it or not.

    Yes, and, Food Not Bombs is a great example to bring up, because they don’t only feed everyone, they also share literature and talk politics and organize community action. From FNB’s how to guide:

    Your meal is not a Food Not Bombs meal if you don’t provide literature and display a banner. Otherwise the public will think you are a church and have the impression your group believes that our political and economic system is fine and that all we need to do is care for those who are not able to make it. We are not a charity, we are seeking to build a movemnet to end the exploitation of the economic and political system.

    I think very few orgs do “the personal is political” better than FNB.

  • It is to turn a fascist society into one that does not need them, one where it is effective to engage in social works and to collaborate with public institutions.

    And we don’t actually live in that society yet, and therefore protesting, feeding people, helping drug addicts, and doing odd jobs for your neighbors all remain punk af.

    JFC. Selling food without a permit is illegal. Doing most home repairs is illegal. If I install a set of solar panels for my neighbor and she pays me in raw milk and eggs we could both be arrested. Don’t tell me helping your community isn’t punk.