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  • It’s kinda like whiplash to read someone who combines obvious contempt for the President and a willingness to indulge in wild conspiratorial speculation coming from the left. I was surprised again when the last paragraph frames Harris’ possible Israel policy as a question. By that point, I expected the author to explain to me what was going to happen.

    Anyway, I suppose Harris to be chillier toward Israel, but doubt she’ll usher in a sea change. Especially before November.

  • Don’t be paranoid. An Eco Dot literally can’t tell you the time w/o phoning home. You can watch the network traffic it produces. No way it’s transmitting 24h of audio. And if you think about it, millions of Alexa devices recording 24/7 audio would generate more traffic than porn. And that’s before Amazon has paid a nickel to process any of that audio.

    When it comes to eavesdropping on “every little conversation” They don’t, they can’t, it would be stupid to try.